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HP Lines

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HP Lines


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    Brand: MACOTEC


    The laminated glass cutting lines of the "Strato Active HP" series are highly automated and productive thanks to the exclusive 0-360° automatic subplate rotation device, automatic transport of the cut glass at the end of the line by motorised belts positioned vertically on the tilt arms and automatic unloading of trimmings into a special collection box, which can be lifted by a crane or forklift for emptying and cleaning.

    Further distinguishing features of these lines include the option to cut and separate curved shapes and to have an extremely fast cutting cycle, even on thicker glass, thanks to sheet clamps driven by brushless motors and controlled by the machine CNC.

    The production capacity of these lines is further increased by the option of sequential engraving of Z cuts before rotating the subplate. This innovative feature, in combination with an additional heating lamp at the end of the line, enables "Strato Active HP" laminated glass cutting tables to achieve unparalleled productivity, especially with complex cutting patterns. All "Strato Active HP" models have a unique automatic separation control of the laminated glass that activates the PVB cutting blade only when the glass has been correctly separated. This control allows self-adjustment of the heating time, which no longer needs to be adjusted by the operator.

    Separation of the laminated glass is done by a controlled axis driven by a brushless motor, which gives extreme precision when separating, thus avoiding any risk of delamination by the PVB. Automatic minimum trim is up to 2 cm from the sheet edge. The table can be equipped with a flat grinding wheel for edge deletion of Low-E glass for excellent machining quality. Working pressures are adjusted fully automatically and the positioning of the control console above the work table means that there is no external obstructions to the cutting machine perimeter, thus allowing the operator to move and walk nimbly along the front of the machine without having to dodge around any protrusions.

    Total visibility of the work cycle is ensured by transparent housing that can easily be lifted to allow the operator easy access to the working tools for routine maintenance. Protection of the working area by modern laser scanners which monitor the various areas of the laminated glass cutting machine without any external obstacles or obstructions on the ground.

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