Vitro Jet F Type Single Pass Evolution

A huge new industry innovation from the developers of the first Single Pass model for printing on glass with ceramic inks.
Greater productivity
Perfect print results
Reduced production costs and times

Product features:
Flawless automation of the non-stop, continuous cycle print process on glass sizes up to 3.300 mm (300 mm separation between two contiguous sheets of glass).
Print speed / non-stop printing: 9 meters in 60 seconds, more than 500 meters per hour.
The Vitro Scan tool comes standard to ensure perfect print results. It automatically reads and records the dimensions and position of the glass prior to printing - thus reducing the possibility of error - allows for more reliable results, makes the operator’s job easier and optimizes production speed. Especially valuable when working with irregularly-shaped sheets of glass.
Operating system capable of automatically re-sizing the image to be printed, based on the data gathered by the Vitro Scan Tool.
10 color channels.
Up to 30 print heads / 60,000 nozzles in all
Up to 1440 dpi, the highest resolution commercially available
High flow rate ink recirculation system: eliminates the need to clean the print heads, no ink is wasted, reduces solvent consumption.
Absolute automation of the production process while reducing production times.
VDS technology: 7 levels of ink drop sizes, a unique technology for the greatest output and highest definition.

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