Vitro Jet F type F K

Speed up, optimize and simplify printing operations for mass-production.
Perfectly combines fastest Single Pass and Multi Pass print speeds with the highest resolution and multicolor print quality on large-sized sheets of glass.
Single Pass print speed: 20 seconds for glass size 4500 x 1200 mm (single color).
Multi Pass print speed: 90 seconds for glass size 4.500 X 2.500 mm (single color).
Upgrade up to 7 color channels.
Upgrade up to 36 print heads, dual-color technology / 72 single print heads (1000 nozzles per color).
Multicolor print speed / photo-realistic images: up to 60 sqm/h.
High flowrate ink recirculation system, no need to clean the heads.
SDT Simultaneous Drying Technology, automatic drying of the glass sheet simultaneous with printing.
Up to 1440 dpi print resolution.
VDS - 7 levels of ink drop sizes for maximum print speed and precision.