Veribor® Suction Lifter, 2 Plastic Swivel Heads with Vacuum Indicator

The widely proven suction lifter with flexible swivelling joints, e.g. for transporting car or bus glass, is now also available with an optional integrated vacuum gauge (Art. no. BO 602.2AV). In addition, Bohle has developed a completely new suction lifter with a revolving rubber lip preventing the rubber pad from rolling up during transport (Art. no. BO 602.2A). In this way the carrying capacity can even be extended to 50 kg.

Technical Data
Type of vacuum generation Lever-Activated Suction Lifters
Load capacity 55 kg
Lifting direction parallel
Material of Suction Lifter plastic
Surface geometry curved
Suction pad ø 120 mm
Number of suction pads 2
Vacuum gauge yes
GS certified no