Veribor® 1-cup suction lifter made of plastic

Ideally suited for small surfaces: The 1-cup suction lifter offers a firm hold in all instances where there is not enough space for attaching a 2-cup suction lifter. Thanks to its one-hand operable lever system, the device convinces particularly due to its easy and extremely fast handling. In addition, the grip lies perfectly in your hand. The high-quality, PAH-free rubber pad in proven Bohle quality are a positive development from previous models. It is dimensionally stable but still soft enough to adapt to the surface during vacuum generation. The 1-cup suction lifter is suited for loads of up to 25 kg (two-fold safety factor) and can be used for all materials and objects with gastight surfaces.

Veribor® is a quality brand of Bohle Group. The products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany – with a special focus on safety and ergonomics. They are free from carcinogenic hydrocarbon compounds (PAH)

Technical Data
Type of vacuum generation Lever-Activated Suction Lifters
Load capacity 25 kg
Lifting direction vertical
Material of Suction Lifter plastic
Surface geometry flat
Suction pad ø 120 mm
Number of suction pads 2
Vacuum gauge no
GS certified no

Specifications for Veribor® 1-cup suction lifter made of plastic

Standard version BO 600.1G
Stainless design BO 600.11G
Spare rubber pad set BO 614.1G