SNX 62/27

More natural light, less heat gain, greater energy savings
Let natural light do what it does best with SunGuard SNX 62/27 coated glass. SNX 62/67 coated glass product offers the highest light-to-solar-gain ratio of all SunGuard coated glass. This triple silver coating is an excellent option for daylighting—making it easy to create more inviting spaces, increase occupant comfort and help achieve LEED® credits. Its neutral/green appearance stays true to your design vision while helping to gain the energy-saving performance you desire.

Key features:
Top light-to-solar-gain ratio: Lets more light in while blocking heat
Neutral/green aesthetic: Offers a transparent feel with low-reflective, uniform color
Helps achieve LEED credits: Provides greater energy savings with solar control and daylighting
Triple Silver technology: Achieves superior performance