Siliporite® NK 30 B

Siliporite® molecular sieves for insulated glass
Siliporite® molecular sieves protect the insulating glass units for years thanks to a genuine 3A zeolite structure, high adsorption capacity, and superior physical properties.

Why using a Siliporite® molecular sieve?

An insulated glass unit is composed of two glass lites at least. These are separated by a space filled with air or a special gas (argon, krypton, SF6, etc.). The lites are supported and separated by a spacer and then sealed,
Water from the air and solvents from the sealant can be trapped inside the unit during fabrication. Water can also penetrate through the sealant during the life of the insulated glass unit,
Both phenomena lead to fogging (water or solvent condensation on glass lite).

Benefits of using Siliporite® molecular sieves
to avoid fogging, a desiccant is introduced between the two glass lites to ensure the gas space is water-free
there are many desiccants in the market, but only synthetic zeolite based desiccants, the only genuine molecular sieves, guarantee a water-free space for years in industry condition.
Siliporite® molecular sieves are the only effective desiccants at low moisture levels.
Focus on aluminum spacer bar systems
What molecular sieves?
In the traditional systems, the lites are supported and separated by an aluminium spacer bar and then sealed. Molecular sieves in beads of 0.7mm to 2.0mm are used in this technology. The beads are filled under the spacer by means of dedicated equipment.

Key requirements
Molecular sieves must show a high water adsorption capacity at low moisture levels (below 10%) that will ensure high durability of the glass.
It is a must that 3A molecular sieves are used to avoid co-adsorption of air which would translate into glass deflection and deflection of the glass panel.
The molecular sieve should be free of dust and static electricity.
Benefits of using Siliporite® molecular sieves
very high adsorption capacity at the right moisture levels: below 10%
avoiding co-adsorption and protecting your products against long-term defects
avoiding dust and static electricity that could lead to deposits on the lites
Why use CECA’s Siliporite® range??
forty years of experience in the glass industry
synthetically produced zeolite
true 3A molecular sieves
controlled grain size distribution
low density