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  • The Glass Alliance network
    all over the world
    MULTITECH® is a new ridged pure plastic spacer with
    unique multilayer gas barrier and optimal thermal
    performance. It can be bend after heating, welded
    or cut and assembled with traditional corner keys.
    The latest Warm Edge spacer from Glass Alliance is
    now available in all main sizes and colours.

    Rolltech MULTITECH® spacer provide further advantages:
    • Optimal PSI value
    • Special designed MULTILAYER gasbarrier foil
    • Optimized adhesion to sealants without primer
    • Processing: Sawing and mounting, bending by pre-heating or welding
    • Recyclable plastic material
    • Superior reduction of CO2 emission

    Specifications for Multitech

    Width 7,5 mm or 9,5 mm or 11,5 mm or 13,5 mm or 14,5 mm or 15,5 mm or 17,5 mm or 19,5 mm or 23,5 mm
    Height 6,5 mm
    Wall thickness 0,9