Mistral Series

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Main characteristics
The MISTRAL EV series represents the top of Fratelli Pezza’s product range. It’s a solid and compact equipment very easily usable by every operator, which provides high productivity despite the very low electrical and compressed-air consumption. The MISTRAL EV offers several working options, included the shading and the zonal blasting. It’s possible to operate in automatic or manual mode and the maximum working height can be doubled being the cabin open topped. The machine is equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system with automatic separation of the waste dust from the abrasive material, which is therefore recovered and recycled. Thanks to special airtight rubber shelters placed on the side openings of the cabin, the dust is not allowed to flow out in the surrounding environment. All models are equipped with a revolutionary system that limits the accumulation of electrostatic charge inside the cabin. All components and parts subject to wear are made of highly abrasion-resistant materials, to ensure optimal performance and long life.

The MISTRAL EV models are equipped with a control panel with color video and keyboard and the programming is extremely quick and easy thanks to the use of icons and graphic images. The software allows to program up to 50 blasting areas, as well as to create and store up to 50 customized working programs. The PAUSE&CHECK feature allows the operator to stop the process at any time and then restart it from the same point without causing any defect in the surface finish.

Possible types of sandblasting
Light sandblasting
Normal sandblasting
Shading sandblasting
Zonal sandblasting
Engraved sandblasting

Second automatic gun (on M120EV and M180EV)
Amacor stencils, to swiftly carry out decorative geometrical patterns (stripes, squares, etc.)
Inlet/outlet extension racks

Specifications for Mistral Series

Model 120 EV or 180 EV or 260 EV