Master Shape 3.7 FR

Automatic table for float glass shape cutting

Noiseless, compact, precise and reliable float glass cutting table, ensuring excellent quality/price ratio, A very modern, high-technology machine, equipped with touch-screen console, that provides automatic cycle for loading glass sheets: the glass sheet has been loaded on the forks, then positioned horizontally. After the glass sheet positioning on working surface is completed, forks and standing feet disappear automatically.

Specifications for Master Shape 3.7 FR

Useful Cut mm 3700x2600
Cuttin Speed m/min 220
Workable Thickness mm 3 ÷ 19
Accuracy mm ± 0,15
Max Installed Power Kw 7.00
Working Plane Height mm 925 (±25)
Weight Kg 1700
Breaking Bars No. 2
Loading Arms No. 4