ID plant – Clean Water Glass

ID plant – Clean Water Glass
The ID plant is a totally automated system with a very simple design, which allows to treat all the processing waters and to provide water free of glass residuals.

The system is optimized according to the water flows to be treated, it is specifically intended to medium sized factories, very adaptable and space-saving and characterized by reduced consumptions.


• Clean water
• No need of operator
• Automatic system
• Real time
• Elimination of machines’ pumps
• Saving of 50% for maintenance and energy costs
• The system can be installed by the Customer
• Flexible, customized and with low costs


The plant comes pre-mounted on skid and its dimensions allow the transport in container, and then it can be positioned with no need of a specilized staff.

What is normally necessary are the connections for water, compressed air and electricity, besides the connection with the water distribution line for the working machines.

This is the ideal plant for those companies which want to start with a centralized water treatment with the possibility to implement it later in a DTP plant.