EVERLAM™ QUIET, our acoustic solution

EVERLAM™ QUIET, our acoustic solution
EVERLAM™ QUIET is recommended in any environment where noise is a disturbance and a cause of stress, such as busy roads, airports and train stations, noisy production or entertainment sites, crowded areas or offices. Typical applications are glass window panes, glass facades and interior glazing where sound proof laminated glass using a PVB film significantly reduces noise pollution.

A three-layer PVB that can be laminated in single or multiple glass configurations;
Brings extra sound insulation and comfort to building occupants while minimizing the weight of the glass structure;
Provides safety, security and UV protection;
Ensures optimum processability on laminators’ lines;
Produced according to the EVERLAM standards of absolute quality and consistency;
Backed by EVERLAM’s outstanding technical support and expertise;
Benefits from our customer service excellence – quick response time, on-time product delivery, problem-solving, proactive and collaborative attitude.
EVERLAM™ QUIET specifications
NC010 Q Clear 0.76 mmx 321 cm

Compliance with international standards
EVERLAM™ QUIET complies with the ASTM E413 standard for Classification for Rating Sound Insulation and other international standards and code systems for safety and security that apply to PVB interlayer for laminated architectural glass.