Drilling machines with opposing heads FPD SERIE

Opposed head glassdrilling machine

Suitable for glass companies of any size for the production of mirrors, shelves for furniture, laminated glass, tables tops and household appliances

Available in automatic and semi-automatic versions
The automatic version enables the operator to work in 3 different modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual whilst the semi-automatic version in only semi-automatic and manual mode
Drilling heads are controlled by hydro-check units
Fine adjustment of drill bits (automatic for mod. FPD60XY)
Glasses are held in place automatically during drilling
Spindles speeds are adjusted via a pulley drive and V belts or inverter
Different speed can be obtained
An automatic device ejects the glass cores into an appropriate container
Automatic start and stop of water flow over the heads
Additional start/stop push-button is installed on an adjustable telescopic support
Glass support table with castors for positioning large glasses (FPD60)
Pneumatic rise/fall table for glass movement prior to drilling
Close–circuit water cooling system
Protection and safety devices to protect the operator
Electrical system in compliance to the EC in force
The machine can be put in line with double edgers

Technical Datasheet