Double edging machines for the flat edge BFP 12 SERIE

Double edging machine for the processing of polished flat and arris profile

Especially suitable to medium/big glass companies for the production of mirrors, shelves for furniture, laminated glass and stairs

The conveyor with polyurethane timing belts is dual-drive and can be adjusted to all thickness
Squaring assembly to square up the glass sheets before grinding
Aligning system to divide the amount of glass removed evenly on either side
Independent adjustment of diamond wheels
Automatic adjustment of polishing wheels
The diamond and polishing unit can rotate externally to allow the operator to carry out maintenance work and tool changing
PLC to adjust thickness, working speed, devices, to input and display all the working parameters and diagnosis of faults
Close–circuit water cooling system
Protection and safety devices to protect the operator
Electrical system in compliance to the EC in force
Complete grinding lines made up of two grinding machines and a transfer table can be supplied

Technical Datasheet