If you are looking for a partner that can always provide the best solutions, Fenzi is probably your best choice; in fact, it is the only multinational chemical company that is totally dedicated to flat glass processing. This choice is shared by countless trade people across the five continents; a growing popularity that has made Fenzi the global leader it is today.

There is something about the Fenzi Group that makes it special: it is a small multinational company that operates on a global scale, but is still run by the founder's family. This translates into three strengths:

  • long-term planning, ensured by continuity in management;
  • the ability to work with companies across the world, guaranteeing ongoing assistance and supplies thanks to manufacturing facilities in various continents;
  • a warm and personal business approach.

Working with Fenzi brings countless benefits. You will discover that Fenzi always offers the perfect balance between innovation, quality, competitiveness and efficiency.

Fenzi products are valued around the world because they at the forefront in their respective sectors. But behind these products is a working method you will like: the Fenzi style.