Fratelli Pezza

FRATELLI PEZZA was founded in 1970 and started its activity as a manufacturer of industrial plants and machinery, shifting soon its focus towards the glass machinery sector. The company represents leading edge technology in the manufacture of sandblasting and marking equipment for flat glass, thanks to the creativity and technical skillfulness of its founder Alessandro Pezza, the person who actually invented the fully automatic sandblaster for flat glass. The enterprise constantly concentrates on R&D, looking for innovative solutions from both the technical and functional point of view. These efforts resulted in the newest version of the Mistral series, the Mistral EVOLUTION, and in the marking equipments EASYMARKER EV and EASYMARKER UP, that allow to mark the glass in both vertical and horizontal position in a fully automatic way. Fratelli Pezza, taking advantage of its recently renewed headquarters which allow the company to reach high efficiency levels, remains world’s leading manufacturer of sandblasting and marking equipments for flat glass and boasts prestigious references worldwide.