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Dimension from 165x216 cm to 600x321 cm

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Float Glass

As the most basic type of glass there is, float glass is a starting material used when processing to create laminated, toughened and coated glass. It is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and is used in the glass cutting process so it can be cut to the exact size required for the application.

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Satinato Glass

Satinato glass is a kind of acid etched glass, different from frosted glass.The new technology in glass surface treatment is a new revolution of glass industry,it resists scratching and breakage and collects no blurs or fingerprint.It changes the coldness and hardness of traditional glass ,widely used for doors,indoor decoration ect


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Tinted Glass

Climate control UV protection - it reduces glare and the amount of solar energy transmitted through the glass. Privacy - maintains transparency from the inside, but brightness of the outward view is reduced and the colour of the light is changed, preventing passersby from peering into the property.

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Mirrored Glass

A metal coating is applied to one side of the glass and sealed with a protective layer for a mirrored effect. Aesthetic and interior design purposes. Can create the illusion of a larger space.

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Wired Glass

Specially treated to withstand breakages and the soaring temperatures of a fire.Provides improved safety - it is much more difficult to break than standard glass.Fire resistant - it will undergo rigorous testing to ensure all parts are fully reliable in a fire to stop it from spreading.

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Patterned / Decorative Glass

Wire mesh is added into the glass. Available in float glass or obscured.Can be applied to any type of glass.Back painted glass instantly injects style and colour into any room.Painting the back side of the glass protects the colour from scratches and retains its reflective quality.

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Laminated Glass

Strong and durable - it is harder to break than ordinary glass.Energy efficiency e.g. heat insulation. Sound insulation and UV reduction.Grade A safety glass that does not shatter and disperse when broken.Easy to apply colouring

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Extra Clear

Extra Clear glass is ideal in decorative and furniture applications, showcases, showers, shop fronts and toughened glass entries.
Can be used in rooflites and atrium glazing when solar control is not a factor.
Extra Clear glass is ideal for applications requiring colour backing or painting due to high light transmittance and true colour appearance.

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