Bimatech Practica 06/2008 year

The Bimatech Practica CNC machine it selling to replace with a new one. The machine arrived as new on 06/2008 and was paid 85,400 Euros. It is still working can be viewed in production. It was changed the head in 2014. The current head was completely repaired a month ago. Over the years, drivers for all 3 axles have been replaced. The gross dimensions of the machine are 5220x3297 mm and the maximum height is 2746 mm. The dimension of the work glass is approximately 3150x1420 mm. There are 16 positions for storing tools.


Of the disadvantages besides the wasted work and teeth of time in which to invest in the replacement of the software that can be arranged with Bimatec because it is existing in DOS but can be worked without problems this way.


Vacuum and stoppers and some ISO 40 mounting tools and tools can be supplied with the machine. Also included is a computer to create the program. Price for the machine  is 14,500 Euros + VAT.